We develop and manage engineering projects.

To turn an idea into a successful business we determine the best technology fit, find partners, develop a roadmap, structure collaboration, set up an organisational framework, define processes and manage deployment.

We believe that technology is not an end in itself, but must serve to improve business and meet costumer and societal needs.

Getting what you want from technology means

  • translating desired goals into engineering language in order to create a common understanding between stakeholders from different backgrounds (e.g. economics, engineering, arts, communication)
  • developing technical solutions in a systems context to integrate the different ways technology interacts in the business environment
  • develop a consistent approach and create a work environment enabling expert teams from different backgrounds to succeed.

Depending on customer needs and the type of cooperation sought, Gmeinertechnik offers business partners

  • consulting services in technology and management
  • project planning and management including project lead
  • technological research and development
  • expert reports and studies. As certified consulting engineers, we can also represent clients when dealing with authorities and public institutions.